2017 Drawing Challenge

I’ve decided to set up my own personal yearly drawing challenge. I don’t draw nearly enough and I truly enjoy it, so hopefully this will get me drawing more frequently. I do a lot of reading challenges (my blog is Book Mouse) and they really help me to stretch my reading skills and variety. In honor of those challenges, I’ve developed challenges for myself that cover things I’m comfortable with, things I’ve wanted to try, and things that have been suggested to me. I’ve only set 24 because that’s two per month and I’m picky about my drawings so it’ll take me a while. I doubt I’ll finish but at least I can push myself.

  1. Draw a self-portrait
  2. Draw something architectural
  3. Draw an animal
  4. Draw something in honor of a holiday, preferably not Christmas or Thanksgiving
  5. Draw objects you pick up during a nature walk
  6. Draw something metallic
  7. Draw something super close up
  8. Design a typeface (font)
  9. Draw something that includes water, preferably running water
  10. Draw a body part
  11. Draw a fruit or vegetable
  12. Draw your favorite insect
  13. Draw a landscape
  14. Draw a representation or copy of a Master’s work
  15. Draw a plant
  16. Draw something innocuous you find around your house (toothpaste tube, teapot, silverware, etc.)
  17. Draw something that starts with the letter of your last name
  18. Draw a sea creature
  19. Draw fabric (laundry, table cloth, curtains, etc.)
  20. Draw something old
  21. Draw money
  22. Draw a person, preferably a loved one
  23. Draw a famous landmark
  24. Draw something you use, touch, or see everyday